S.E.M. Ensemble

Emerging Composers Workshop 2020

Scores of works for small ensemble can now be submitted for inclusion in the S.E.M. Ensemble's annual reading workshop / concert. Selected scores will be rehearsed and critiqued between February 10th and 14th, 2020. Composers will have the opportunity to work directly with the musicians who will read their work. Only composers who are able to be present in Brooklyn during the workshop will be considered. The workshop will conclude with a public performance at Willow Place Auditorium (26 Willow Pl.) in Brooklyn Heights on February 14th.

As much as we would like to work on pieces for larger ensembles, we presently can only consider scores for small ensembles (1-7 players). Works for small ensemble and electronics, as well as solo works are also acceptable. Preference will be given to works that have not been performed and have no scheduled premiere.


Please deliver or mail a package containing:

1. One performance-ready copy of your score (no recording necessary)
2. A one paragraph statement about your work
3. Biography (please include your age and the city you are based in)
4. $30 processing fee (cash, check payable to S.E.M. Ensemble, Inc., or Paypal [] is acceptable)


S.E.M. Ensemble
25 Columbia Place
Brooklyn, NY 11201

If package is missing any of these components, you will not be considered. Materials should be postmarked or hand-delivered NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, January 17, 2020.